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Doctoral Program  

Graduate students in the Rice University Department of Chemistry have established an extraordinary record of achievement. Coupled with a  prolific publication rate (seven publications and nearly three first authorships), a typical student in the program publishes multiple papers cited in the top 10% worldwide. Underlying the development of Rice chemists is a strong, dynamic, interdisciplinary faculty that includes a Nobel Laureate, six members of the National Academy of Sciences, and two members of the National Academy of Engineering.  The low student-to-faculty ratio (3:1) ensures that students have ample access to faculty time, instrumentation, and other resources.   

What sets our graduate program apart from other high-ranking universities? Chemistry Department Graduate Students and Faculty

        • State-of-the-art facilities
        • Interdisciplinary research
        • Flexible teaching requirements
        • Strong medical collaborations
        • Leaders in nanotechnology
        • Generous financial support
        • Fellowship opportunities

The doctoral program at Rice is built around a close-knit community that promotes student achievement.  All students give an annual Departmental seminar, and some subset of the faculty and graduate students gather most afternoons to discuss their research. This collaborative environment at Rice was critical to the development of nanotechnology, having facilitated the work of two Nobel laureates who would discover buckminsterfullerene. Rice’s culture of collaboration has minimized barriers between research areas for decades.  Chemistry faculty members hold appointments in four-of-the-seven departments in Natural Sciences at Rice and in six-of-the-nine Engineering departments. Rice chemists do not take a prescribed set of courses, but construct an individualized curriculum consisting of any six courses in any area of science or engineering.  This flexibility to customize courses is ideal for chemists who want to branch out into other areas and for people who want to move into chemistry from another discipline. 

Living in HoustonGraduate School Chemistry - Houston

Houston is the nation’s fourth largest city in population, and the second lowest in terms of cost of living compared to other major American cities.  It is no wonder that the city is home to twenty-three Fortune 500 companies and numerous other world-class institutions in the areas of energy, medicine, aerospace, manufacturing, and business services.  Houston is a center for the visual and performing arts, an international business hub and home to the second busiest port in the United States. Rice University’s proximity to historic downtown Houston, and being located right in the heart of the museum district, makes it an optimal location to live and study. 

The Campus

Chemistry Graduate - CampusRice University occupies an architecturally distinctive and historic, 285-acre campus shaded by nearly 4,000 trees.  With state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories, and internationally renowned centers and institutes, Rice University is an ideal learning and living environment.  

We encourage you to visit Rice at any time for a firsthand look at the Department and the beautiful, tree-lined campus. If you apply and are admitted, you will be invited to visit the campus later at Departmental expense.  During your time here, you will not only visit faculty, but you'll be hosted by current graduate students from whom you can learn more about graduate life in Houston.