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The global impact of Rice University is expanded and sustained by the accomplishments and support of its alumni and friends. The continued generosity of donors is paramount to the mission and goals of Rice Chemistry.  rotovap

 A current need is to upgrade the department's undergraduate teaching equipment and instrumentation. Whether the instrumentation is traditional in nature, such as atomic absorption, or as mainstream as automated sampler systems, we strive to provide our students with state-of-the art teaching facilities. 

 Another project is to update the chemistry classroom facilities in which our students are taught in order to provide an excellent interactive teaching environment.   As communication skills become increasingly important in today's society, so do the skills necessary to work as an effective team.  Our laboratories are designed to keep students safe while exposing them to various chemistry concepts and techniques.  As our curriculum changes to incorporate more team projects and discussions that mimic the world experiences beyond Rice, our facilities must adapt as well.  We anticipate converting recently vacated space into a multipurpose classroom/dry lab space that would include hosting dry labs, student-led team discussions and presentations and contain the necessary technology to expose our students to interactive learning techniques.Undergrad lab pic   

We have several award and endowment funds that you can make a specific donation to or you can choose to donate to the Chemistry General Gift fund to help support our general departmental needs such as the projects outlined above.

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The donation form will ask you for your contact information and credit card information and allow you to pick a particular fund you wish to make a gift to.  If you would like to learn more about our award and gift funds please download the file HERE. Once you have made a decision on the fund you would like to contribute to, use the drop-down menu to select that fund.  To make a donation to several funds you will need to fill out the information separately for each fund.                    

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