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Nerve cells’ gatekeepers take many formsNerve cells’ gatekeepers take many forms
Rice, UTHealth researchers use light-sensitive molecules to track proteins critical to cell signaling
The ability to track the movements of single molecules has revealed how proteins on the surface of nerve cells control gates that turn chemical signals into electrical signals. The finding is a step forward in detailing mechanisms involved in neurological disease, according to researchers at Rice University and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). (October 9, 2017)


New test opens path for better 2-D catalystsNew test opens path for better 2-D catalysts
Rice, Los Alamos method quickly probes atom-thin materials’ ability to produce hydrogen
Rice University researchers have taken a deep look into atom-thick catalysts that produce hydrogen to see precisely where it’s coming from. Their findings could accelerate the development of 2-D materials for energy applications, such as fuel cells. (October 5, 2017)


Nanoscale islands dot light-driven catalystNanoscale islands dot light-driven catalyst
Rice scientists develop method to make multifunctional plasmonic nanostructures
Individual nanoscale nuggets of gold, copper, aluminum, silver and other metals that capture light’s energy and put it to work are being employed by Rice University scientists who have discovered a way to build multifunctional nanoscale structures. (October 4, 2017)


Asphalt helps lithium batteries charge fasterAsphalt helps lithium batteries charge faster
Rice lab finds asphalt-nanoribbon anode more efficient, resistant to dendrites
A touch of asphalt may be the secret to high-capacity lithium metal batteries that charge 10 to 20 times faster than commercial lithium-ion batteries, according to Rice University scientists. (October 2, 2017)


Kinesins ignore weak forces as they carry heavy loadsKinesins ignore weak forces as they carry heavy loads
Rice led study shows how motor proteins cooperate – or don’t – to transport cargo in cells
If you’re the motor protein up front, be prepared to do the heavy pulling. (October 2, 2017)


4 elements make 2-D optical platform4 elements make 2-D optical platform
Rice scientists create flat composite with tunable optical bandgap
Rice University scientists have discovered a two-dimensional alloy with an optical bandgap that can be tuned by the temperature used to grow it. (September 20, 2017)


Rice graduate student earns Department of Energy honorRice graduate student earns Department of Energy honor
Andrea Miranda one of 52 nationwide to research thesis among national laboratory elite
A Rice University doctoral candidate is one of 52 nationwide selected by the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science to participate in its graduate student research program. (September 18, 2017)


Mikos honored by International Academy of Medical and Biological EngineeringMikos honored by International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering
Rice University bioengineer Antonios Mikos has been named a fellow of the International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering. (September 14, 2017)

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