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Coup of Two New Faculty Hires>

Coup of Two New Faculty Hires

The Chemistry Department is delighted to announce our two new faculty hires.  Please welcome Dr. Matt Jones and Dr. Han Xiao, who will both join the department as assistant professors on July 1, 2017!

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Rice U. chemists create 3-D printed graphene foamRice U. chemists create 3-D printed graphene foam
June 21
Nanotechnologists from Rice University and China’s Tianjin University have used 3-D laser printing to fabricate centimeter-sized objects of atomically thin graphene.


Freshwater from salt water using only solar energyFreshwater from salt water using only solar energy
June 19
A federally funded research effort to revolutionize water treatment has yielded an off-grid technology that uses energy from sunlight alone to turn salt water into fresh drinking water. The desalination system, which uses a combination of membrane distillation technology and light-harvesting nanophotonics, is the first major innovation from the Center for Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment (NEWT), a multi-institutional engineering research center based at Rice University. 


Mussels add muscle to biocompatible fibersMussels add muscle to biocompatible fibers
June 9
Rice University chemists can thank the mussel for putting the muscle into their new macroscale scaffold fibers.


Making vessels leaky on demand could aid drug deliveryMaking vessels leaky on demand could aid drug delivery
June 8
The endothelial cells that line blood vessels are packed tightly to keep blood inside and flowing, but scientists at Rice University and their colleagues have discovered it may be possible to selectively open gaps in those barriers just enough to let large molecules through — and then close them again.